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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" John Dewey


Safety At our Core

COVID Precautions

Due to the current situation in light of the pandemic, we have adopted several precautionary measures. These include

Sanitizers, Designated Cleaning Kits, Air Fresheners and Sanitization Station equipped with Safety Tools.

Common areas in the Kids Club (i.e. toilets, pantry, play area etc.) are cleaned and disinfected every hour or after every use.

Cleaning personnel are coming regularly to deep clean toilets, play area and floors.

Regular temperature checks and entry permitted after sanitising hands and wearing masks for parents and staff.

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Desert Island Kids Amusement has a vision to align UAE cultural values, high quality experiences with exceptional standards of early childhood education, within a professional and caring setting.


About Us

Who we are, and what we stand for

Desert Island Kids Amusement facility that encourages enhancement through fun, creative, interactive and playful methods. Children get plenty of opportunities to play with our resources while enjoying themselves. Our facility is set in a convenient location, which is only one of the reasons we are every parents’ first choice for child engagement in Dubai.

At Desert Island, we have a passionate and capable team that engages for children upto 12 years. Our facility consists of special rooms designed specifically for experiences and activities suited to the needs and demands of children according to their age and stage of growth. Besides entertaining and interacting with your children, every member of our team is expertly skilled to provide them individual attention, so that your child’s have full engagement while having fun.The environment at Desert Island is friendly, homely and relaxed, to let toddlers and pre-schoolers feel at ease, while their parents take a breath. 

Participating in fun and engaging activities helps kids develop confidence and child-led play helps the care-giver enhance every child’s potential.


Our Services

Come and share some fun times with Desert Island Kids and enjoy all the exciting things we have to offer!


Fun Activities 

Desert Island Kids help and encourage children to grow and meet their potential in a safe and playful environment. Activities are planned around the interests of the children, to build a sustainable educational environment for each child to explore. Each child is allocated a ‘key person’ who is responsible for the child’s well-being and communicates regularly with parents to keep parents informed of every aspect of their child’s day. We nurture, entertain, and evaluate your child in the best way, based on their age and stage of growth. Its more than just play!


Education made enjoyable through fun, interactive and entertaining images, videos, representations, and sounds. This is proven to be the best method for a child to learn new concepts, grasp new ideas, and expand their brain’s capacity!

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B'Day Bash

B'Day Bash- You know how special the bonds made by children between infancy and primary school can be, right? We help them celebrate these bonds together by organizing birthday bashes for your little ones and letting them spend their special day with their cute fellow daycare friends!

Extra-Curricular Activities- Early Minds

Diversity in clubs and extracurricular activities plays an important role in adolescent lives and futures. Exposure to diverse groups can help promote adolescents to become socially intelligent and responsible adults.


Soft Play Area

We know that, as parents, there is not one moment that you stop worrying about the safety of your little one. In the soft play area, your kids are completely risk-proof of injuries: even the smallest of cuts and scratches. They are precious flowers, and we treat them that way!

Camps- Summer, Winter, Spring Camps

Camps- Making new friends by interacting with them after school hours and during holidays is a lot of fun! We organise after school activities and camps regularly.


Parties & Activities

Parties & Activities- Some kids love to make finger foods, decorate the venue and act as the host of the party, while some love to dress up and show up to those parties to enjoy themselves and interact with their peers. Both of these skills are important towards the development of a child. We have plenty of such parties to keep them entertained!


 Every child needs different kind of care and attention. Not two children’s needs are the same. We provide special care to kids who come in to have fun.






DIKA is a place I feel my baby is secure and in a safe hands.. Very friendly staff, more than my child I get excited for their daily activities.. So much efforts DIKA staff put together.. .
Best place, friendly environment, easy to reach out the owner for any special requests for my child.

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