Our Facilities

Sharing the love of education and encouraging growth and development in children and young adults to become leaders of tomorrow.

a) Art & Craft Area- An abundant area housing all of the coolest art and crafts supply for your kids to let their imagination run wild. Children are astonishingly creative and love to design new things when they have stationary and recyclable items available in plenty!


b) Game Zone- A large area packed with action and adventure for your kids to play all they want and for however long they can without getting tired! With endless games to challenge their skills, tickle their minds and improve their stamina, kids of all ages: from the tiniest of toddlers to the more mature preschoolers, will have something to enjoy.


c) Multipurpose Room- Various activities like games, party decorations, building blocks, educative measures: so many things fit into one room! This space is created for a little of everything and kids simply love spending time here. They can stay in here for a while and decide which activity they would like to participate in, for the day.


d) Role-play Area- Kids should be taught from an early age that they can become whatever they want to. If they set their mind in the right direction, then there’s no one who can stop them from identifying themselves and leaving a mark on society. Role-playing helps children embody different roles and live as their characters for a short while. They can shape the characters as they want, and even build their personality!


e) Construction Zone- Logical thinking and the ability to create is an important part of growing up. Forming structures, shapes and matching one block to another develops a child’s brain capacity and helps them think quicker. Constructing their own buildings, paths, vehicles and neighborhoods can be as useful for a child as it is fun!


f) Soft Play Area- All of the strenuous activities can be done outdoors or in the game room; this space is only for games that go easy on your body and mind. Soft plushy toys like stuffed animals, teddies and dolls are filled inside this room, along with play dough, kinetic sand, puzzles and all sorts of simple games that can just be enjoyed without having to stress your child’s mind over them.


g) Reading Zone- Young minds are curious ones and, if encouraged towards reading, will snuggle with an interesting book for hours! Inspiring good habits like reading in a kid from an early age is a huge plus for their growth, and this space houses several interesting story books, activity books, and picture books to keep them entertained for as long as they please.


h) Sleeping Room- A space for all kids to take rest and recharge themselves for the next round of play, or for a sound sitting of studying. This place is a quiet, peaceful room, the ambience of which is meant to calm your kids down and help them take a break, recollecting the energy they just lost during various activities like playing or learning.


i) Activity Room- Playtime is among the most important activities that contribute to the healthy development of a child, and we have thus, thoughtfully created spaces where they can frolic around and take place in activities without any disturbances. The development of a child is a continual process and the best outcome blooms from what we choose to surround them with.